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Why Paddy Power?

Paddy Power is the first major Irish bookmaker to venture into online betting and are licensed and regulated by both the British and Irish Governments.

To place your bets profitably, you need to know the bookies strengths and weaknesses - and, believe me, they all have weaknesses.

One of Al Pacino's best tips in The Godfather is to "keep your friends close... and your enemies closer". Punters and Gamers would do well to heed this advice.

As friendly and lovable as many bookmakers (yes! Paddy powers included) and bookmaking representatives are, they are still "the old enemy". If you want to beat them, you need to familiarise yourself with the areas they price up well and badly so that you can exploit them to your advantage.

Paddy Power PLC - An International Company Paddy Power plc Company is a public limited company incorporated and domiciled in the Republic of Ireland and has its primary listing on the Irish Stock Exchange.

Paddy Power plc (the ‘Company’) and its subsidiaries provide online interactive sports betting services (,,,, and, sports betting services through a chain of licensed betting offices ("Paddy Power Bookmaker") and telephone sports betting ("Dial-a-Bet").

The Paddypower Group also provides online gaming services through "", "", "" and "", and financial spread betting services through "".

It provides these services principally in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia. It also provides business-to-business services globally.

Almost two thirds of Paddy Power PLC’s profits were generated outside of Ireland last year.

Paddypower are the third largest online bookmaker and sixth largest online gaming business in Britain and Ireland (popularly known as Paddy Power Ireland) and,

At the current trajectory, paddypower will have more shops in the United Kingdom (UK) than Ireland (better know as paddy power ie) within 3 years time.

The acquisition and growth of Sportsbet and IAS made paddypowers the number 1 online corporate bookmaker in Australia

The Paddy Power Sign or the Magic Sign, as Ladbrokes are know, are renowned among their peers for their almost uncanny ability to accurately price up a football match or horse race.

If Ladbrokes are offering the best price by several points about a supposedly fancied Derby runner or paddy power gold cup runner, that should be interpreted as a warning sign (or paddypower sign) rather than an encouragement to bet.

Other bookmakers including paddy power racing, have specialities. Some appear to have none, but that's just fine. As the former Paddypaower Racing Post guru Mark Coton observed, Value betting is partly created by the folly and ignorance of the others.

Paddy Power Online

Paddy Power Specials Paddy power online during football season or premiership leagues season offer regular, great value paddy power specials bets which are a must when betting.

For example, bookmaker Paddypower now refund all losing correct score bets in matches that end in a 0-0 draw.

This is a terrific Paddy value, as well as what we can do is, instead of backing a correct score for one team, we can take a very evenly matched, had to call paddy power games, where there is not much between the teams, and back both of them for a 1-0 win - minimum odds 6/1.

Now, as this is a very close paddy power game, as long as one team narrowly wins 1-0, then we will make a profit of at least 6/1. If they draw 0-0, then we get our stakes back.

This means we are actually covering 2 correct score results. Very clever, don't you think?

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Paddy Power Games Free Bet
PaddyPower (or Paddy Power Ireland) online bookmakers now offer an incentive for joining, so why bet with your own cash when they are offering you a free bet.

The incentives vary from one bookmaker to another. Some offer £10.00 or even £20.00 just to join, while others may offer to match your initial deposit up to a certain amount, so if you deposit £25.00, they will add £25.00 credit to your account.

Some may offer free bets once you have joined, for example if you have a £10.00 bet on a big game, they may offer you a free £10.00 in running bet. The most important thing is to try and get good value from these free bets. Here are a few suggestions:

When you get a free £10.00 bet from the Padypower bookmaker, don't just bet on anything, use the money to increase the chances of a win when you place your own bet.

For example, if you wanted to bet on Bolton at home to beat Arsenal (or Man Utd or Chelsea or Liverpool) at 4/1, then place this bet with your own £10.00, and use the free bet to cover the draw at 2/1.

This way you have an excellent chance of coming out on top as you have only bet £10.00 of your own money and if Bolton win, you will get back £50.00. If Arsenal (or Chelsea or Liverpool or Man Utd) hold them to a draw, you will still get back £30.00.

If these bets were on two different games, you could end up losing both and end up with nothing, but this way we are covering the next most likely result in the event that the game doesn't go exactly as we wanted, but we still win.

Another way to use free bets is to join three bookies at the same time and get three free bets (see below list of free bets offers from the UK bookmakers). This will allow you to cover all possible results in one match without risking any of your own money.

When using this strategy it is best to try and find an evenly matched game as you will get better odds over the three bets, allowing you to make a good profit no matter who wins.

For example, Home win @7/4, Draw @2/1 and Away win@7/4. This way you will get at least £27.50 no matter who wins.

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Paddy Power Technology

Money-Back Special Payout
Paddy Power’s approach to driving growth has been consistent since its inception – differentiation based on more paddy power products, more value and more entertainment than any competitor.

The mix and detail of this approach constantly evolves. Since the onset of more difficult economic conditions (e.g. Recessions) Paddy have significantly stepped up the value of its offer to win market share from competitors less prepared to invest for the long term.

There was no easing up last year with paddy biggest ever Money-Back Special payout.

In addition, paddypower's Australian punters or gamers were introduced to early pay-outs and had some high profile justice payouts on unlucky golfers.

Genuine Paddy Power value means much more than competitive pricing – it’s a unique approach to being generous in entertaining ways that resonate with customers/punters/gamers and differentiate it from the rest of the pack.

Technology development has facilitated opportunities for paddy power product innovation and enhanced marketing.

In 2010, smart phone technology has changed how the internet is consumed, while social media has opened up new ways to reach and interact with betting customers.

Paddy Power has taken full advantage of these opportunities. For example, a mobile phone sports bet is struck on average every three seconds on,

While its expertise in app development has enabled the rapid creation of an Election Betting app, supported by a dedicated @politics Twitter feed.

Paddy also continue to invest significantly in technology to ensure that paddypowers retain the capability to exploit the opportunities afforded by new media and technologies.

Paddy Power App

Paddy power android app
iPhones™, iPads™ and Androids™ became the must have devices of last few years and, riding the wave of mobile opportunity, the Paddy Power App unleashed the full potential of mobile betting.

Having Paddy power in your Pocket was more popular than Justin
at a teenage girls disco resulting in a huge increase in
paddypower mobile sports betting turnover.

But it wasn’t all about technology, 2010 was also the year of a World
, a Pope Papal visit, a psychic octopus, one very temperamental
, a sponsored confession box and a general election and, as
you would expect from Paddy Power.

Paddy Power Mobile

Now you can have Paddy in your pocket all the time!

The new Paddy Power App for iPhone, iPad and Android stole the show in last year, rocketing mobile betting into the stratosphere and resulting in a mobile sports bet being struck every few seconds!

May last year saw the launch of paddypower iPhone App. Paddy Power were the only bookmaker - around the world - in the Apple App Store at one stage.

In September, the Paddy Power App was the number one most downloaded App in the Irish store.

Mobile betting means paddypower customers are only ever one touch away from Paddy Power, whether out and about, at the races or home watching the match.

Hot on the heels of Power paddy iPhone offering we also introduced Apps for the iPad and the Android, which is apparently a kind of phone rather than an actual robot.

In total, paddypower mobile sports betting turnover increased by over 300% in the year and accounted for 19% of total sportsbooks reviews stakes by the first two months of the new year.

Paddy Power Giant Erection

Spanning 270ft in length and 50ft high, the Hollywood style Paddy Power sign overlooking the 2010 Cheltenham Festival turned a few heads, raised even more eyebrows and entered the record books as the longest free-standing billboard in the world.

Cheltenham is widely considered the Oscars of the jump racing world and, to celebrate the 2010 Festival, Paddy power installed there very own Hollywood-esque sign on Cleeve Hill overlooking the iconic race course.

In what was the longest free-standing billboard in the world, the monster Paddy Power sign spanned a massive 270ft in length dwarfing the iconic Hollywood landmark which measures a puny 200ft.

As well as being the world’s longest sign, the giant PaddyPower stands at a mighty 50ft in height - making it taller than three doubledecker London buses stacked on top of each other.

The reaction by race goers was overwhelmingly positive and paddy power YouTube video chronicling the gigantic erection achieved an equally impressive 107,000 views.

Paddy Power Volcano Betting

What better way to follow a giant erection than a massive eruption! Coming to the rescue of would-be holiday makers, allowed people to "insure" the cost of their holiday by placing a bet on their departure airport closing for at least one hour.

In April, air travel in Europe literally ground to a halt courtesy of a previously inactive Icelandic volcano with anunpronounceable name.

Eyjafjallajökull’s impact on air travel was immediate and, with no end in sight, we spotted opportunity in adversity and launched allowed would-be holidaymakers to place a bet on a wide range of UK or Irish airports closing for at least a one hour period due to volcanic ash contamination on any given date between June 1st and August 31st.

The odds on offer varied by airport and by date; as an example a £1,000 holiday leaving London Heathrow on July 18th could be covered by placing a bet of £50 at 20/1.

Turnover was literally flying in the first two weeks before the worst thing that could happen happened; the volcano stopped erupting. Short lived but much loved,, just like Eyjafjallajökull, remains dormant for now!

Paddy Power Sin Bin

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. Where better to clear your conscience than a trip down to the Paddy Power Sin Bin, the world’s first sponsored confession box.

Drop in to see Father Michael at St. Etheldreda’s Church, Newmarket or Ascot or Chelteham, and tell him Paddy sent you!

In April, Paddy powers teamed up with champion jockey Frankie Dettori to unveil its latest sponsorship, the Paddy Power Sin Bin.

The celestial sponsorship funded a new confession box for St. Etheldreda’s Church in the home of UK flat racing, Newmarket.

The sponsorship was the brain child of Newmarket Parish Priest Father Michael Griffin who was on the look out for innovative ways to finance the renovation of his church which was several years overdue.

The unveiling took place after 10 o’clock mass on April 27th. The congregation were a little bemused by the whole affair, particularly when a Sky News outside broadcast unit descended on the Church to broadcast the unveiling live on TV.

Frankie Dettori had the honour of having his confession heard first in the Sin Bin followed by the perennially penitent Paddy Power.

Social Paddy Power

Last year, Paddy Power Twitter, Paddy Power Facebook and Paddy Power YouTube channels attracted more followers, fans and viewers than ever before.

On Facebook Paddy now have more "fans" than the next ten competing bookmakers combined and paddypowers’re only getting started!

It’s been a great year for Padyypower in the world of Social Media. Paddy power Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channels attracting more and more followers, fans and viewers than ever before.

Paddy’ve had hundreds of thousands of viewers for Paddy Power television adverts and its now famous Nob Nation videos produced by Ireland’s leading video satirists.

On Facebook Power Paddy’ve gone from strength to strength and have more "fans" than the next ten competing bookmakers combined!

During Cheltenham paddypower page was abuzz with the tips flying backwards and forwards as its fans really got stuck in.

Meanwhile they’re also more active than ever in the Twitter sphere, in daily contact now with over 10,000 followers.

There is no better way to keep in touch with its customers and with channels devoted to customer service, Paddy Power special offers and even showbiz, politics and racing, they’ve got every angle covered!

Psychic Paddy Power

The success of Paul the Psychic Octopus at predicting the results of selected 2010 World Cup matches from his home in Oberhausen, Germany, Paddy power joined forces with the National Sea Life Centre in Bray to give Paul’s Irish cousin, Paddy, a shot at predicting the outcome of sporting events a little closer to home.

PPaddy the Psychic Octopus took up residence in his new home at Sea Life in Bray at the beginning of August and began his psychic training.

Paddy’s first prediction on the All Ireland Hurling Final proved right on the money when the intuitive cephalopod chose to feed from a perspex feeding box adorned in the Tipperary colours.

Buoyed by Paddy’s apparent psychic ability, Paddypower planned a major media event around the 2010 Ryder Cup where Psychic Paddy would predict the winner of the historic golf event live via webcam.

However, psychic Paddy had other plans and, to the disbelief of shocked Sea Life staff, laid hundred of eggs in his aquarium home.

Sadly the laying of eggs marks the end of the octopus life cycle and Paddy never got to see his (or rather her) Ryder Cup prediction.

Paddy Power TV

In 2010, Paddy Power returned to TV screens across the UK with three commercials that were certain to get tongues wagging.

The accidental sending of a dodgy e-mail to your entire office was joined by a cringe worthy moment of male bonding in the locker room.

However, the cornerstone of the campaign was a football-themed ad believed to be the world’s first commercial featuring blind footballers.

A five-a-side match between two blind football teams takes an unexpected twist when a feline friend invades the pitch.

Several of the players featured in the commercial went on to represent England in the 2010 World Blind Football Championships including the commercial’s main protagonist, Ajmal Ahmed, the England captain.

Of course no cats were actually injured and Tiddles remains paddypowers good friend.

Patrick Paddy power also returned to television screens in Australia with a new Sportsbet TV campaign which raised a wry smile on the face of punters Down Under.

It can mean only one thing, Paddy Power are on TV. England’s Blind Football team stole the show with a display of skill that wouldn’t seem out of place on Match Of The Day (MOTD) - just ask Tiddles!.

Paddy Power Election

The UK general election attracted huge betting interest as gamers and punters sniffed change was in the air.

PaddyPowers paid out over £100,000 on the Conservatives winning the most seats in the UK Election before a single vote had been cast.

David Cameron’s strong performance in the final TV debate saw a relentless tide of betting support for the Conservatives, shortening the odds on the Tories winning most seats at the Election from 1/5 to 1/16.

In Paddypower usual understated way it chose to unveil their early payout by creating a light-show on the side of the House of Commons.

In Ireland Patrick Power Paddy dipped its toe into political polling with their first national opinion poll which gave a strong indication that the winds of political change were gaining momentum.

Paddy's political betting website,, became a popular iPhone App and there dedicated political betting Twitter feed, @politics, rapidly built up a loyal and vocal band of followers.

Paddy power politics betting website,, went into overdrive with scores of political betting markets on offer.

Paddy Power Pope My Ride

To coincide with the visit of His Holiness to the UK, paddypowers put his very own Pope and Popemobile on the streets of Glasgow, Edinburgh and London allowing thousands more fans to get a glimpse of El Papa.

It’s not every day that the boss of the Catholic Church decides to pay a visit to the UK so, to celebrate the momentous occasion, Paddy Power put its very own Pope and Popemobile on the streets of Glasgow, Edinburgh and London.

The Paddy Power Popemobile proved popular not only with crowds on their way to see the real Pope but also to the ever-watchful police, resulting in what must be the first time a Papal car has ever been clamped!

Paddy were lucky to dodge a betting coup after the Pontiff failed to kiss the tarmac on arrival at Edinburgh airport, scuppering a host of bets placed at odds of 10/1.

Francis Arinze of Nigeria is the 2/1 favourite to succeed Benedict to become the next Pope while Father Dougal Maguire of Craggy Island remains the 1000/1 outsider.

Paddy Power Growth

Not with standing the expansion of paddypower international activities, the UK remains very attractive to Paddy Power as a substantial regulated market, with an established betting culture that is highly receptive to paddy power products and brand.

The online market has obvious attractions given its strong structural growth drivers (mobile internet usage, live online streaming of sports and casino, paddypowerbingo, new online advertising opportunities) and paddy's track record of both growing with the market and taking market share.

Paddy power growth actually accelerated last year – having increased active customers/punters/gamers by an average of 28% over the previous three years, power paddy grew by a further 56% in 2010, from a substantially higher base.

In the retail market, paddypower are also generating strong returns with the strength of paddy's offer enabling it to win market share from the best performing shops of paddy power competitors.

Paddy Power FreeBets

Free Bets, Sports Betting & Online Betting

For those of you that like a bet, it is obvious to see why online betting is so popular and if you have free bets available to you, then it makes the whole experience so much more interesting!

Free bets are available across many online gaming sites including Paddypower. Sports betting is one of the many areas covered by Paddy Power Betting and Gaming, the online gambling subsidiary of Paddypower PLC.

So whether it’s football, rugby union, cricket, snooker or even skiing, it doesn’t matter because Paddypower is the one to use for all of your sports betting needs.

There is usually some form of qualification to receive a free bet so for example, you may have to wager on something or refer a friend to gain one.

Paddy Power does have a "refer a friend" scheme where you can be rewarded with free bets.

The qualification is usually simple and can take no time at all, leaving you plenty of time to decide what to spend your free bet on!

There are of course other ways to earn yourself a free bet and Paddypower is a good example of just how imaginative an online betting site should be in relation to how it offers free bets out to its customers.

Paddypower has promotions which involve customers correctly predicting certain things like football or cricket scores for example, and if they do, it’s free bets galore!

The word "free" on an online betting site is not common however when you do see it, take full advantage and Paddypower has many offers that includes the word "free" so visit the site today!

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Paddy Power Games

Gaming & Other

Paddy power Gaming and other revenue increased by 34% in constant currency to €73m driven by growth in Games, Casino, Poker and Bingo.

Significant enhancement to the quality of paddy power gaming offer and promotions expertise encouraged them to conduct more direct customer acquisition for gaming.

TV advertisements were run for the first time for both Games, Poker and Bingo in June and good results led to further campaigns, as well as increased focus on pay-per-click advertising for gaming.

Growth in sportsbook customers is a key potential driver for Pokers, Bingo, Games and Casino growth.

To leverage that opportunity, significant investments have been made in expertise, analysis and technology to customise cross-selling, ongoing promotional offers and paddy power products presentation.

This customisation is to the preferences and behaviours of players, both in their early life and as they evolve over time. Progress and investment in this area is highlighted by the 53% increase in active multi-product customers.

Paddy power ability to offer more games more quickly accelerated last year and it increased their selection of games to over 200.

Last year paddypower introduced over 100 new games, versus 52 in 2009, incorporating innovative promotions such as "20 Games in 20 Days" in April and "24 Games in 24 Hours" in October (the techies are all getting full Star Trek box sets if they manage "60 Games in 60 Minutes").

Paddypower also took advantage of the increased appetite for live streamed product with further investment in their Live Casino offer.

In addition, Paddy Power benefited from a competitive market amongst technology suppliers: They now use over 15 suppliers across Games and Casino, giving paddy powers best of breed products for its customers and flexible competitively priced supply.

Bingo was paddy power fastest growing gaming segment last year which exemplifies how Paddy Power can adapt its capabilities to new areas.

Bingo’s performance was driven by its core strengths in distinguishing paddy power products from the rest of the pack, and online and offline marketing that combines creativity with detailed analytics behind the scenes.

Paddy power Poker business continues to perform well relative to its peers but faces ongoing challenges from sites taking play from the U.S.

In this context, paddypower were pleased to increase new player sign-ups helped by paddy sportsbook growth, another successful Irish Open Poker Tournament (which attracted record player numbers) and the towering achievement of a world record chip stack at its Irish Winter Festival.

The last time paddy power piled chips so high involved two slices of buttered bread and the mother of all hangovers!

Paddy Power Sportsbook

Sportsbook promo codes

The amounts staked on the online sportsbook increased by 28% in constant currency to €1.053 billion.

Within this, sportbook bet volumes grew 50% to 63.8m while the average stake per bet decreased by 15% in constant currency to €16.52.

The reduction in average stake per sportsbookbet is due to a combination of factors, including the significant growth in active customers and more challenging economic circumstances.

Paddy power saw strong growth in both paddy power racing and football turnover as a result of continued development of apddy power product which included significant investment in live betting markets and a new live betting interface.

This expansion in the choice of paddy markets, together with the option of mobile betting, contributed to growth in the average number of bets per customer, partially offsetting the reduction in average stake per bet.

Sportsbook gross win increased by 61% in constant currency. This growth was helped by a rebound in the gross win percentage to 8.6%, which was above the upper end of Paddy's normal expected range of 7.0% to 8.0%.

This improvement was despite its biggest ever Money-Back Special refund being triggered when Spain and Holland finished 0:0 in the World Cup final, which resulted in over 25,000 online customers receiving back their losing stakes (and over 50,000 customers across the Group).

The Paddy Power book of course goes way beyond sport. Paddy power Special events such as the Royal nuptials generate much to bet on from the stag night to the dress.

Paddy gave his views on both to the media outside Buckingham Palace despite, it suspect, a small chasm between his knowledge of the two subjects.

Sometimes even Paddy’s ‘expertise’ reaches its limits though, resulting in powerpaddy commissioning and publishing independent political opinion polls, reinforcing its leadership position in political betting.

There is almost no subject for which paddy power traders cannot provide a betting market.

Their diverse output generated great interest at home and abroad, ranging from the volcano eruption betting which was covered in National Geographic magazine, the name of Apple’s next device (The Economist) and the next species to become extinct (Wall Street Journal).

Paddy Power Casino

Online Casinos, Casino Games & Slot Games

If you visit Paddypower Casino today, you will be met with an array of casino games, slot games, table games and instant wins.

An online casino should have the same effect as being in a real, land-based casino with the lights and glamour that comes with it. Playing at Paddypower Casino is just that...bright, glamorous and fun all rolled into one.

Across a number of online casinos, you should find the range that you would find in a land-based one. You should find traditional table games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Three Card Poker.

If you are looking to try out Blackjack then all you need to do is beat the dealer! Sound easy? Well it may just be, as long as you don’t have more than 21! Have you got a lucky number?

If so, then take a spin on the Roulette table and you could scoop a great cash prize if you correctly guess the right number!

Fancy something a little different? Then try out Three Card Poker for a is two games rolled into one! You will also find a variety of slot games too.

These again, are traditional and a great deal of fun to play. The "win lines" on slot games differ, giving players opportunity to win in a number of ways.

These slot games are often themed for example Paddy power Casino have a "Rocky Horror" slot game! An online casino has so much to offer both new and existing players alongside the games mentioned above.

Look out for promotional offers too which could see you gaining extra bonus cash to play in the casino with!
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Paddy Power Poker

Online Poker & Play Poker

Online poker has become immensely popular in recent years for many valid reasons, with the first being the easiness of actually playing online.

There are many online gaming sites that offer online poker and this includes Paddypower Poker. Online poker is therefore offered from the comfort of your own home and the opportunity to play at any time of day.

Players that have never even played poker before needn’t worry as online gaming sites have easy to follow guides on how to play. Paddy power Poker. even has a Poker School that includes video tutorials, a poker glossary, poker etiquette and tips on what to look out for when you play poker.

This is a great feature of the site and is definitely something that should be available across all online gaming sites that have online poker as a feature.

You will find that if you are a new player, you will be given some form of bonus money to trial the site and find out what is on offer. There are usually plenty more promotions to take advantage of for new and existing players.

For example, Paddypower Poker. has a "player reward scheme" whereby players can earn "poker points" which can then be redeemed for entry into certain tournaments or even cash rewards!

There is a great deal of variety in the types of poker games that you can play at Paddypower Poker.

This includes real money games, sit ‘n’ go games, multi-table tournaments and free play games. Each are unique and have something different to offer so why not try them all just for fun!
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Paddy Power Bingo

Online Bingo, Play Bingo & Free Bingo

Playing bingo today is quick, easy and fun-filled and that’s just by visiting your local club! So what about online bingo then? Well, this is just as quick and easy but arguably, 100% more fun and with lots more variety.

There are hundreds of online bingo sites available to do you know which is best?

Looking for the best welcome offers and promotions is a start. Paddypower Bingo has a range of promotions to take advantage of including special free bingo and 1p bingo games.

There are different varieties of online bingo games too. These usually range from the traditional 90 ball bingo game, to 75 and 80 ball bingo too.

Bingo games are on offer every few minutes, so you don’t have to wait too long in between games and if you find yourself at a loose end waiting for a game, then why not try out some of the other great features that are on offer.

For example, Paddypower Bingo has a range of side games available to play, such as slots and arcade games.

Online bingo is so popular because there is so much more you can do playing online as opposed to playing in a land-based bingo club. A number of online bingo sites have "communities" now, allowing players to chat at the same time as playing their favourite game.

Not only that, but there are chat games that can be played to earn bonuses as well. Paddypower Bingo's online community is a great place to meet and make new bingo friends!

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Paddy Power Offers "Free Bet Promotions" - Best Price Guaranteed

Paddy Power sports offer Guaranteed Prices on both attheraces Horse
and Greyhound Racing*

This applies to both early prices and board prices on all UK and Ireland
horse racing and greyhound racing.

You cannot lose out by taking the price.

This offer applies to all single and multiple bets placed online and
mobile and through Dial a bet - Betwewin!

You Cannot Get This Anywhere Else

Paddy Power irish are the only bookmaker to guarantee all early and board prices on BOTH Horses and Dogs.

  • Take 2/1 and if your selection wins at 6/4 you get 2/1! - the punter friendly bookmaker.

  • Take 2/1 and if your selection wins at 4/1 you get paid at 4/1 - irish bookmaker paddy power.

  • If a Rule 4 is applied to the price you have taken but your returns would be better if your bet was settled at starting price, we will pay you the starting price.

  • The fact that guaranteed price applies will be signified by the GP symbol on your betslip.

*This does not apply to bets placed at Ante-Post odds, Tote bets or Bets on US racing.


Calling All New Customers!

UK Residents EU Residents Irish Residents
UK Residents and other Non-UK Residents

With the ATP masters series/WTA Australian Open grand slam tennis going on right now! and the US Open, Wimbledon Tennis, and the British Golf Open Championship behind us.

Will Serena Williams and her sister Venus Williams dominate the australian open this year?

As you know, the australian open tennis is followed by the French Open grand slam where Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal dominates the Roland Garros wta tour surface clay court.

Followed by the Wimbledon SW19 5AE (The Championships and The All England Lawn Tennis Club AELTC).

How does Paddy Power Free Bet Work?

Now the Olympics 2008 is behind us and London Olympics 2012 ahead of us throughout summer along with glorious Goodwood, Cricket and host of F1 Motor Racing what better time to redeem your £25.00 of free bets at Paddy Power?

Open a new account and Paddypower irish will match your first stake up to a maximum of £25.00! For all your Online Betting includes paddy power football betting, NFL betting, paddy power horse racing betting & much more.

Many online tipsters and punters considered Paddy Power as the 1st for online betting where Premiership Leagues betting odds is also available.

There is a Live football betting on over 200 games weekly. You can view the horse racing betting tips from the daily newspapers. There's still a Cheltenham betting odds also available, which is an elusive dream for paddypowers betting.
  • £25.00 Sports BONUS

  • $600.00 Poker BONUS

  • £75.00 PaddypowerCasino BONUS

  • Bonus PAYOUTS - Irish bookmaker pays out early on Obama as Next US President!

  • Double Result PAYOUTS!

  • Money Back SPECIALS - Paddy power gold cup.
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Paddy Power Promotional Code
  • Everyone loves free money, and with paddy power ie current bingo offer all new players get up to £350 free in their huge 200% Deposit Bonus!

  • Free Bingo Tuesdays: free bingo games from 6-9pm each Tuesday.

  • Strip for Strip: buy 6 to get 6 free bingo tickets in the Silver Room, 24/7!

  • Huge Guaranteed Jackpots: Paddy's gives away huge Guaranteed Jackpots every other week, ranging from £5,000 to £50,000!

  • Extra features: There's not only online bingo to keep you entertained, paddy power bet on lotteries from across the globe, including the English and Irish lotto. Play paddy's range of great slots and casino games including roulette, video poker and paddy power deal or no deal

  • A site that's different: Most of Paddypower's competitors are part of a network which share CMs and games. Not Paddy! They run their rooms and hire their own CMs so you're guaranteed that unique Paddy Power experience.
The Paddy Power Casino offers all the thrills and spills of Vegas 24/7 to punters from around the Globe (excluding United States of America USA).

The Paddy Power Casino provides a wide range of Table games, Slots and Leisure games and is one of the few Casinos to offer leading branded Slots and Games such as Cluedo, Monopoly, The Price is Right, Dangermouse, Wheel of Fortune and Baywatch (3,5,9,15 Reel slots).

All of paddy's casino games feature a cash play and free play option giving users the ability to play before they join.

So whether players want white-knuckled, high stakes action or a low-risk, casual flutter, Paddypowercasino is the only destination!

The Paddy Power UK Casino requires no download and features the best flash animated games around.

Paddypowercasino provides end user support 24/7/365 by paddy power phone, fax and email and is proud to be a proactive campaigner for responsible gambling.

Horse Racing at Paddypower Sports Book at Paddypower Casino at Paddypower

Poker at Paddypower Game at Paddypower Bingo at Paddypower

Paddy Power Results

Paddy Power Betting Results, Horse Racing, Football, Golf, FA Cup, Novelties and more
Online Results for all sports including all Horse Racing Results, Football Matches Results and Greyhound Racing Results.

Sporting Results and Trading

Sporting results in the first half of the year threw up a rare, unusual and bizarre overall gross win percentage – in line with paddypower expectations.

The fact that the swings and roundabouts balanced out highlights the potential benefits of an ever increasing diversity of events and markets.

The second half of the year got off to a great start with the concluding stages of the World Cup pushing up paddy's total stakes on the tournament to €86m and gross win to €18m.

Thankfully, the combination of the Germans and optically challenged referee’s assistants did take out some of the teams carrying paddypowers biggest liabilities.

Nonetheless, Paddy did get stung by Paul Oktopus correctly predicting the winner in all of Germany’s World Cup matches from his office in the Sea Life Aquarium, landing punters/gamers a few squid.

Always keen to embrace new innovations paddypower lost no time in appointing his first cousin, Paddy the Psychic Octopus, to predict the outcome of major sporting events.

With a gross win percentage 1% above paddypower normal expectations in the second half of the year, Paddy’re thinking of donating Paddy to the Irish government in the national interest.

Paddy’s achievement was all the more heroic given paddy ongoing commitment to give better value than the competition through extra places for each-way bets (e.g. seven in the British Open),

Justice payouts on selections that let our punters down (e.g. Andy Murray when Nadal withdrew during the Australian Open) and early payouts on selections that we figured weren’t going to let our punters down (e.g. So You Think in the Cox Plate).

In the crazy world of sports where Andy Carroll is only slightly cheaper than Zinedine Zidane and more expensive than David Villa, at least Paddypower commitment to great value and entertainment for its punters will not change.

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