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Online Bingo

Play paddy power bingo online now and get your free bonus. Bingo promotions available from 6pm to 10pm. Play Bingo now or try Power Paddy Bingo Games.

Paddy power bingo income comes from the services provided by the Paddypower Group comprise sports betting, bingo paddy power, fixed odds games betting, online casino and games, peer to peer games including online poker and bingo, financial spread betting and business-to-business services.

Bingo paddypower income is stated exclusive of value added and general sales taxes and certain free bets, promotions and bonuses.

The Paddy Power Groupís betting and gaming activities, with the exception of peer to peer games and financial spread betting on which bingo commission income and tournament fees are earned and business-to-business services on which fees are earned, are classified as derivative financial instruments.

Bingo income from online sportsbook, online bingo, retail and telephone betting activities represents the net gain or loss from betting activities in the period plus the gain or loss on the revaluation of open positions at period end.

Income from Bingo online, fixed odds games and the online casinos represents net winnings ("customer drop"), being amounts staked net of customer winnings.

Bingo online income from peer to peer games and financial spread betting represents commission income (rake) and tournament fees earned from bingo games completed by the period end.

Bingo paddypowers income from business-to-business services represents fees charged for the services provided in the period.

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New to Paddy Power Bingo?

  • Create Account - Click on paddypower bingo register button below to set up your account with Paddy Power Bingo.

    By clicking on the green register button below it will take you to the getting started page which will take you through the 1-2-3's of registration, depositing funds and progressing on to play your first game.

  • Deposit Funds - After registering deposit funds into your account. To deposit funds to your paddybingo account online, click the Deposit button on the top right hand corner of your screen.

    If you have not yet done so, select your preferred payment method, complete the details and click the Deposit button on the form.

    See Payment methods below for information on crediting your account in other ways, offline.

    There are various ways to deposit funds into your account. Currently you can deposit funds using Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Bank Transfer, Cheques, An Post Billpay, Neteller, Moneybookers, Paypal and Cash in any of paddy Power shops (Min €/£10 in shops). The minimum deposit is £/€5.

  • Create your Chat Name and play Bingo! - Enter a Bingo Room and you will be prompted to register your Bingo Chat Name. You are then ready to play Bingo!
Sign Up Bonus:
£20 free for new players. Open a Paddy Power Bingo Account; stake £/Ä5 within 48 hours of creating your chat name and get £20 into your bingo account straight away.
Paddy power bingo register

What is Bingo and Where did it come from?

Bingo has a long history, originating as an Italian lottery game in the 1530's and undergoing various changes in a journey through Europe and the Americas to become the Bingo we know and love today.

In today's modern bingo game, which is still a kind of lottery, bingo players gather together in Bingo rooms and purchase one or more tickets (cards) which are divided into numbered and blank squares.

Bingo balls displaying numbers between 1 and either 75, 80 or 90 are selected at random.

As the caller announces the players mark them off wherever they appear on their tickets, using a special pen called a dauber. Then, BINGO! The winner is the first person to mark off all the numbers on one ticket.

How to Play Bingo Online?

At Paddy Power Bingo the main difference to the traditional game is that you can join a bingo game, from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want: bingo paddy power run 24-7 and new games start every few minutes.

You can also choose between different bingo rooms and catch up with friends in the chat rooms or play a range of other games during the Bingo breaks. To play, you just need to log in, have adequate funds in your account and buy at least one ticket.

Types of Bingo Games - What is 75, 80 and 90 Ball Bingo?

90-Ball Bingo uses balls numbered 1-90 and the tickets are arranged in three rows with nine columns: the five numbers presented on each row must be called and daubed to win a Full House (FH) - and the jackpot if it is a jackpot game!

75-Ball Pattern Bingo uses balls numbered 1-75 and the tickets are arranged in five rows with five columns. To win a 75-ball game you must daub the numbers that represent the winning pattern in the game.

75-Ball UK Bingo is simlar to 75 Ball Pattern Bingo with the same ticket layout and number of balls. There are five prizes available for this game. First is the one line across, then any two lines etc.. and finally the Coverall which is all 25 numbers marked off the ticket. A free square is available in the middle of the ticket.

80-Ball Bingo is a varient of bingo available in different game types. These include any line, four corners, four middle squares, full house, four columns etc.

90-Ball Speed Bingo is a faster variant of 90-Ball bingo which lasts approximately one minute. The balls are called at a rate of one per second, and the win animations have also been shortened.

Deal or No Deal bingo is a new variant paddypowerbingo now offer. The initial bingo game is the same as standard 90-Ball bingo, but certain balls are allocated a Deal or No Deal box and a prize amount.

Lately, Paddybingo announce the launch of a brand new Irish themed 90 Ball Bingo Room - Lucky Numbers Bingo.

With Lucky numbers bingo, the game doesn't end with standard 1-line, 2-line and full house prizes - there are three additional jackpots to be won!! Players can choose their three lucky numbers (between 1-90 ) before the start of the game.

To win one of the additional jackpots, all players need to do is match 1, 2 or all of their chosen lucky numbers that 1-line, 2-line and full house prizes are won on.

The full house winner then gets to play the Deal or No Deal side game, where the Banker will offer the winner an amount for their box. The player can choose to either take the bankers offer, or choose the mystery amount they have in front of them.

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Paddy Power Bingo Loyalty Scheme

The Paddy Power Bingo Loyalty Scheme rewards paddy players for playing bingo. For every £1.00 spent on paddy bingo, you will earn 1 Loyalty Point. The more Loyalty Points you earn, the higher your Loyalty Level, and the higher your Loyalty Level, the more bonuses you earn! Brilliant!

£20 Free Bingo Bonus for New Players
Play £5.00 on bingo games within 48 hours of creating your account and you will automatically receive a £20.00 bingo bonus.

Paddy Power Loyalty Levels 2, 3, 4 & 5
At paddypowers Loyalty Level 2, 3, 4 & 5 bonuses will be awarded based on your cash stakes on bingo. Bonuses will be credited by 6pm on Monday for bingo cash stakes the previous week.

PaddyPower Loyalty Free Rooms
Players will be invited to Loyalty Free Rooms regularly so make sure you are contactable by email in order to receive your invitation!

 Loyalty Level

 Points Required


 Times Awarded





















Paddybingo Alias

Paddybingo Alias is the name that you choose to be seen as by other players in the bingo rooms and chat rooms, so pick something you like!

For security reasons paddypowerbingo recommend that you do not use your Paddy Power Bingo account username as your bingo Alias.

Having an alias is a must for any paddy bingo game. Once you have registered for a account.

Whether you are a new customer or have an existing account, and you click Play on Paddy Power Bingo, you will be prompted to create your Bingo Alias before you can continue to play Bingo, if you have not yet done so.

Once you have completed the account registration and Alias creation steps, and have deposited funds into your account, just click the Play Bingo button to bring you to the bingo lobby and select the bingo game you wish to play by clicking its corresponding Play button.

Promotion Code for Free Bingo Bonus

To claim a power bingo promo bonus code, log in and click on Play Now in the bingo lobby to enter a bingo room. Once there, open the Bingo Bonus section at the top of the room, and enter your code in the Promo code field on that page.

Paddy Power Sign Up Bonus
Once you open your Paddy Power Bingo Account and staked £/€ 5.00 within 48 hours of creating your chat name you will receive £20.00 into your bingo account straight away!

The £/€ 5.00 stake must be on Paddy Power Bingo games in order to qualify for the bonus and the £/€ 20.00 bonus may only be used on PaddyBingo games, therefore does not include use on Side games.

There is one exception to this, that it may be used on Challenge Roulette. Your free £/€ 20.00 will be available for 30 days from date of crediting and removed from your account if not used within this time period.

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Ways to Win Bingo Paddy

Bingo Cash Prizes Calculation
For 90 Ball Bingo there are up to 4 different ways to win a prize, depending on the game played.

A 90-ball game has between one and 3 parts. A "1 line" prize is won the first time all five numbers on a horizontal line are called and daubed.

Similarly the "2 lines" prize is won the first time all numbers on any 2 horizontal lines are called and daubed. The "Full House" prize is won the first time all the numbers are called and daubed on a ticket on all three lines.

In pari-mutuel games, the value of the prizes will be a proportion of total funds generated by the tickets sold for that game. These often have a minimum prize, so even when few people are playing, you can still win a tidy little sum.

When many people are playing the prizes will exceed the minimum prizes in some cases and will increase beyond the minimum depending on the total funds generated by the tickets sold.

Generally, for 3 part games - 1 line, 2 lines and full house prizes - the Full House prize will grow bigger than the 1 line and 2 lines.

For Example - For a game with minimum prizes on a 3 part game of £5.00 for 1 line, £10 for 2 lines and £15 for a Full house. If the total funds generated by the tickets sold was £20 the prizes would be the minimum amounts above.

If the total funds generated by tickets sold was £100 the prizes could be e.g. £10 for 1 line, £20 for 2 lines and £40 for the Full House. The remaining £30 is divided into jackpot contributions and house takings.

Fair for All games are paddy bingo games with a fixed price, and set number of tickets, so that each player has exactly the same chance of winning. Fair for All games often get extra points in associated tournaments, such as the Championís League.

Progressive jackpots (PJP) games are the exciting games with BIG winnings! A proportion of the funds generated from ticket sales in associated jackpot games are pooled into an overall jackpot fund.

This means that the Progressive jackpot prize fund grows and grows until it is won.

Any game contributing to the PJP is eligible to produce the jackpot winner, who wins the associated game part by the specified call number for that jackpot. This winner will win both the jackpot and the game's Full House prize.

Can I play bingo and win? This depends on the bingo game type, whether you win a line, a full house or the huge progressive jackpot. You can view all prizes for the games on the bingo client itself.

The details of the jackpot including the call number is also available at website.

Paddy power bingo register

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Reviews From Others!

Read Reviews From Users Like You:

ON-SITE Review

"Paddy Power Bingo players sharing the love..."

"I wanted to say a big thankyou to paddybingo for my wins over the weekend I won over 1000 pounds I've been on some other sites but paddy your the best not just because I won because its so freindly many thanks again xx "


ON-SITE Review

"I won £550 at bingo on my first night playing, thank you very much as I have been off work sick this week so I REALLY needed the boost. Thanks again! "


ON-SITE Review

"The CMs are so friendly and helpful, it helps make the various Bingo rooms feel more like being at a live Bingo hall with friends. "


ON-SITE Review

"I wanted to share my good news with you, I got a call my dad is in an old peoples home in Belfast, I live in Sheffield and he is in a bad way and the people who looks after him thought it would be a good idea for me to come home and see him.

I try to get over as often as i can but i have a disabled son, so funds are not always there plus i have to arrange care etc for him if i cant afford to take him with me.

I was trying to think where i could get the money from soonest i could raise it would have been about 6 weeks and feeling a bit down i logged onto the gold room as the CM in there is always guaranteed to put a smile on my face with her friendly banter. Amythest.

Can you imagine my delight when I won £700+ in that single game, oh how I screamed (my throat is still sore now) I was crying solid for nearly an hour with happiness, with this money i can get over to see dad at least twice this year and it means so much to me, my dad is my world, and I cant wait until I can have him in my arms.

So Paddy just wanted to share my news, im crying agan writing this, things like this never happen to me, and it just goes to show someone is looking down on me and wants to give me that bit of help.

Thank you so much on behalf of me, my son and my dad xxx "


ON-SITE Review

"Just want to say a big thank you to paddy for win on sat couldnt believe my luck last 3 tics after playing all day ty got one of my sons getting married in may so couldnt have come at a better time lol ty hun never won that much before lol tytytyx "


ON-SITE Review

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for making me roomie of the week it was such a nice surprise loving Paddy Power always so friendly. thank you again xx "


ON-SITE Review

"Everyone I have chatted to has been very welcoming and polite. Answer any questions or queries that occur. Thank you for a pleasant experience "


ON-SITE Review

"Just wanted to say , what lovely surprise I had on wednesday night, after been out for a meal , I logged on to my account and found out I had won 600 pounds, keep up the good work, the cms r so freindly and I have made some lovely freinds "


ON-SITE Review

"Hi all, I just wanted to say a big thank you for roomy of the week in the Diamond room. I've had a rough few weeks and now I have a great reason to smile. Thanks again xxxx "


ON-SITE Review

"I was shocked yesterday morning when I learned I had won Paddy Pays for Christmas for the second time.

But! That was nothing because at 10:30 last night I won the linx full house Ä3000 you have no idea what a difference that has made to my family for Christmas.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for the wins. I would like to thank all the roomies for their good wishes. x "


ON-SITE Review

"Thank you to all at Paddys!!!

Thanks to Paddys I can treat my kids and say thanks for all they do for me. We will have a fantastic Christmas thanks to the £100 which will buy a karaoke machine to make the day go with a swing!!

Iím sure I will need earplugs by the end the day, especially after a few drinks have disappeared!! Iím really grateful for the chance to make the day extra special!!

Thanks from the bottom of my heart!! "


ON-SITE Review

"Many thanks for the Trick or Treat games in which I won a coffee machine it was a nice suprise. The site is great , great cms and chat games, great bonuses etc. Keep up the good work , Kind regards Debbie. x "


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